Spoil / 17 Apr 2019

Jewellery | Evangeline London

Evangeline is a British jewelry company extraordinaire based in London. Imbued with British culture, literature, heritage and refinement. Evangeline champions the beguile and beauty of Great Britain and draws upon subtle British cultural elements to evoke elegance when worn.

Evangeline experts in the white, fancy coloured diamond and gem stones arena. With unrivalled, direct access to the world's finest polished diamonds and a strong distribution system we have built over the years, the brand is able to select the best quality stones for customers.

The Bee Loved collection takes its inspiration from the British honey bee and its hive. The honey Bee is integral to our environment and ultimately Human survival. Our collection is an homage to the small but mighty Bee which is both beautiful and strong. Its honey comb is perfectly constructed but simple in its design. The collection applies the miraculous hexagonal shape of the honey comb and its glorious drops of honey which are represented by diamonds, to achieve a unique creation. Each jewellery piece is timeless and elegant, but also contemporary and fun.

Evangeline provides services including sourcing stones from all over the world, bespoke jewelry designs for customers, hand-made jewelry manufacture and ongoing after sale care.