Spoil / 03 Sep 2018

Jewellery | ENCELADE-1789

ENCELADE-1789 is an entirely family-owned company. At the heart of the company are two cousins with backgrounds as designers in the Haute Horlogerie world of fine watchmaking, who decided to bring s breath of fresh air into the world of men' s accessories.
Fully convinced that a brand' s success rests first and foremost on the concept behind it, the two cousins decided to develop all of their accessory collections, current and future, around a very strong concept: rotation.
Indeed, the brand' s name and logo both evoke this concept, ENCELADE, is the name of one of Saturn's moons (known as Enceladus in English), which orbits the planet from a position on one of its outer rings. What is more - and this is where the magic of numbers comes into play - Enceladus was discovered in 1789, the year of the French Revolution. Given the ENCELADE-1789 brand' s revolutionary concept and the fact that is was developed by two Frenchmen, that wa the final piece of the puzzle needed to create the incredible link between the brand name, the concept and the products.
The first two collections of cufflinks are dedicated to two themes very close to the founders' hearts: fate (expressed through the use of dice) and gyroscopy (with a moving gyroscope at the wrist). The 360┬░rotations (in all directions) of the dice and the gyroscopes are so spectacular that the geometric shapes are transformed: the squared edges of the dice become round, the gyroscope seems to multiply. The hypnotic effect is as extraordinary as it is impressive.
A patented design, top-quality components (including the smallest existing ball bearings in the world), and finishes (polished, brushed, sandblasted) worthy of the Haute Horlogerie foundation: these are the principal ingredients behind the success of the first two collections, which see new models introduced every year.Another remarkable feature of these collections is the cufflinks adapt to fit shirts of any thickness thanks to the CLIP, one of the brand' s inventions, which allows cufflinks to be adjusted perfectly.
ENCELADE-1789 believe : "To innovate, you have to break the rules" The major innovation inspired by the Universe,advanced technology, a patented design,and care worthy of the Haute Horlogerie Foundation.