Spoil / 19 Nov 2018

Watches | Cyrus

An independant company with its own Manufacture, Cyrus is master of its own destiny and benefits from this strong autonomy that enables it to pursue a path focused on innovation and originality. Above all, Cyrus seeks to position itself as an exclusive, unique brand in the forefront of technology and endowed with a strong identity.

The company is committed to demonstrating that Haute Horlogerie can be both original and different without compromising in any way on quality and respect for tradition.

Babylon was a city-state with a unique architecture and gathering all the technical and intellectual know-how of its time. It was subdued by Cyrus the Great who succumbed to the enchanting city, the memory of which still excites their imagination. Three exceptional functions were developed in cooperation with Jean-Fran├žois Mojon, the renowned developer who received the Best Watchmaker award at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie in Geneva.

An imposing case with a diameter of 48mm (including the crowns) boasts four walls in the shape of horns with high quality finish, and encompasses the main watch mechanism. The visible screws remind one of the three-part Cyrus brand logo.

The retrograde hand moves along the 180┬░ axis and changes colour (while rotating across the 180 degrees) depending on the time of day (day or night). Regardless of the hand's position, minutes and seconds discs are always aligned and accurate during the linear reading of time.

Kambys collection comes from Cambyses, the first letter has been changed, the 'K' stands for King, a reminder of Cyrus The Great. The design of the watch is not round like most watches, but instead the tonneau-shaped (with a 50 mm diamenter, including the crowns) modified to fit most wrists.

This timepiece features three different functions. The eye- catching power reserve (between 2 and 4 o'clock) will captivate you with its three barrels sliding progressively along a vertical axis as the seven days unfold... Each barrel has a power reserve of two days, apart from the final barrel (three days).

The seconds function is truly original and technically advanced, with its three bevelled hands, each of which counts 20 seconds before passing the baton to the next hand. Then there is the secret animation (between 9 and 12 o'clock), which is activated by simply pressing the crown at 9 o'clock. The text 'limited edition' then appears. Press it again, and the Cyrus coin (the first coin in the history of humanity, produced under the reign of Cyrus the Great) appears to replace the previous inscription. Press one last time and... give flight to your imagination.

Their key objective is to be a dynamic, modern company with a conquering spirit and the courage to take the risks required when looking to the future. With this in mind, Cyrus successfully produces ergonomic timepieces of extraordinary comfort, striking a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

These models reflect our philosophy of the exceptional from every point of view - a philosophy that enables us to share our love and passion for Haute Horlogerie. These timepieces present unique characteristics on both technical and mechanical levels, as epitomised in the two innovative crowns that have become the new brand signature. Because above all, a timepiece is about emotions.