Spoil / 17 Jul 2018

Story | Jessica McCormack

Jessica McCormack designs exceptional diamond jewellery, handcrafted in her dedicated London atelier. The daughter of an auctioneer, Jessica grew up quite literally surrounded by piles of precious objects in her native New Zealand - from antique Maori carvings and greenstone pendants to Georgian jewels and Victorian objects of curiosity.

She inherited her father's passion for interesting and unusual antiques, which led her to London to work in the jewellery department of Sotheby's. Exposed to some of the most important, rare, and exceptional jewels in the world, this would be the catalyst for the next stage in Jessica's career.

In 2008, with the support of diamantaire Michael Rosenfeld, now a partner in the business, Jessica McCormack Ltd. began in earnest and Jessica quickly established herself as one of the most exciting new jewellers to watch. Eschewing trends and mass production for her own unique, antique-inspired aesthetic and values of hand-craftsmanship, Jessica's designs have effortlessly melded the traditional and the modern since the beginning.

Constantly inspired by a cornucopia of influences - whether it is contemporary African art, the Bauhaus movement, mid-Century American architecture, feminist photography or centuries of jewellery design - Jessica's designs are resolutely modern, anchored in centuries-old traditions.

Her distinct style has become sought-after worldwide by a diverse clientele, whether it's a bespoke client wishing to possess their own original heirloom created by Jessica, or a visitor to the house who can't resist a pair of diamond drop-earrings in Jessica's signature style.