Moment / 27 Mar 2020

Travel | St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

Located near Kings Cross train station and Euston Station, St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London is a hotel for the curious, the adventurous and those who see every journey as a chance to be inspired by the unexpected.

Step outside the hotel doors and see the sights of London and nearby areas when you board the train at King's Cross Station. Attend world-class performances at the legendary Royal Opera House and discover Regent's canal, Coal Drops Yard shopping centre, and London's trendy Granary Square.

The former Midland Grand Hotel originally opened in 1873, with 5-star amenities, spacious rooms and superb service.

After being used as railway offices latterly for British Rail, it reopened on 14 March 2011, known as St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

If those Gothic spires and candy-striped window arches look familiar, it's probably because Harry and Ron flew a car over them in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Victorian Splendour

Once being the entrance hall of the Midland Grand Hotel, and for Victorian ladies and gentlemen, entrances were everything. Today that grandeur and sense of occasion is reserved for Chambers Club Guests and Private Members.

Sir John Betjeman Suite

The 38 Chambers Suites blend restoration and innovation, each accommodation is a home-away-from-home in St. Pancras and reflect all the rich heritage of the hotel's past. In addition to distinctive features, these accommodation have splendid views of St. Pancras Station's Eurostar platforms.

The Queen Victoria Suite