Moment / 03 Jul 2019

Boutique | Petersham Nurseries

Many Londoners - and even people in the rest of the UK and beyond - have heard of Petersham Nurseries, even if they've never been there.

Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden

It seems like the apotheosis of a certain sort of haute-boho sophistication, a living example of a very British understated eccentric chic, a sort of throwaway "undoneness" - which is curious, because at its heart lies a family headed by a distinctly idiosyncratic Italian, Francesco Boglione, and his Australian wife Gael. Petersham Nurseries and the couple's own elegantly bohemian home, Petersham House, are entirely the expression of their own personal tastes.

Francesco Boglione and his wife Gael

The Boglione family have created a business that inspires, celebrates and shares exceptional knowledge, passion and creativity. This has naturally evolved from their personal passion into a thriving business. In turn, they have established a culture and raised a 'Petersham' family of like-minded individuals who share their lifelong passion for organic gardening, culinary excellence, ethical and sustainable sourcing, as well as drawing out beauty in the simplest of things.

The Shop

Within an impressive Grade II listed building, sunlight through three Victorian atriums illuminates the treasures inside our emporium. The Shop offers handpicked collections of homeware, furniture and gifts curated by the Petersham family, including one of a kind, hand crafted pieces and exquisite antiques. Staying true to Petersham Nurseries' origins, the Shop is a green space, abundant with specialist indoor plants and magical floral displays along with artisanal gardening tools. A potting service will prepare and plant window boxes and containers for customers to take away.


The Florist at Covent Garden creates dramatic, wild and colourful displays that enchant and captivate. Bespoke bouquets, flowers and posies are readily available in our King Street store. Our Floristry Team are also able to creates arrangements for dinner parties and special occasions in beautiful hand-blown vases. In line with Petersham Nurseries ethos, there is an emphasis on seasonal, British grown flowers and responsible sourcing.

Floral Court

At the heart of Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden lies Floral Court. Connecting the Shop, Florist, Delicatessen and Cellar with the Petersham and La Goccia, this central courtyard captures the unique spirit of the business in its new home. During warmer weather, tables from the restaurants flow out onto the courtyard, where al fresco dining is offered.

The Delicatessen

The Delicatessen brings the spirit of an authentic Italian café to an elegant setting in central London. A magnificent brass counter brims with seasonal quiches, sandwiches and salads that change on a daily basis. Enjoy organic coffee and loose-leaf tea along with a slice of cake or freshly baked pastry, to have in or to take away. A collection of own branded crockery, teapots and elegant glassware from La Goccia and The Petersham, are found amongst sweet and savoury gifts, tins of Petersham Nurseries tea and bottles of Zisola olive oil.

The Celler

Founded by Lara Boglione and her husband, Giovanni Mazzei of Marchesi Mazzei, Petersham Cellar is an Italian wine merchant and wine club. Available within the Delicatessen, sommeliers are on hand to advise and recommend wines from a carefully sourced, ever-evolving selection.

La Goccia

A vibrant restaurant with an open kitchen, wood fired oven, large grill and dining bar. Dishes are prepared by chefs in front of guests adding an element of drama and theatre to the ambience. La Goccia offers Petersham Nurseries' interpretation of the Italian aperitivo and small plates known as 'cicchetti'. The emphasis on seasonality is key to the extensive menu that changes regularly with the best seasonal produce.

The Petersham

A place of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Petersham is an elegant à la carte restaurant. Drawing inspiration from the family home, Petersham House in Richmond, the interiors demonstrate the Boglione's passion for contemporary art, Murano glassware and understated grandeur, reflecting their personal tastes and collections.

Respecting the Slow Food philosophy of Good, Clean and Fair and the traditions on which Petersham Nurseries Richmond was founded, The Petersham focuses on the finest seasonal produce, quality ingredients and Italian flavours, serving lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and Sunday lunch with a pre-theatre menu.