Moment / 29 Oct 2018

Boutique | Hostem

Hostem houses a selection of men's and women's garments and footwear by brands such as Casey Casey, Visvim, Raag and Monad, jewellery by Alice Waese and Duffy as well as products by Santa Maria Novella. Hostem is located at 28 Old Nichol Street, within a two minute walk from Hostem Archive at Blue Mountain School.

Football's loss is fashion's gain. When 26-year-old Londoner James Brown snapped his Achilles tendon playing professional football in Los Angeles in 2009, he was at a loss for what to do next.

Then he remembered his love of fashion cultivated by trips to London as a kid and in particular Peter Siddell's menswear shrine, The Library on Brompton Road - "My dad was a Mod so I've always grown up around it," confirms Brown. "But I was always more interested in how you consume product. So I came back to London to look for a space. Fundamentally I wanted to create a platform where I could work with brands I respected. But it was quite leftfield because I didn't come from that background."
After looking in Dalston and Mayfair, Brown chanced upon an old factory on Redchurch Street that had been owned by a Bangladeshi family for a quarter of a century, but which had been left derelict for a number of years.

“When I first went down Redchurch Street, there was an air of decadence to it. The Boundary had just opened and the only place to drink was the old pub, the Owl and the Pussycat. But it was really magical actually. We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t supported by the local arts scene and community.”

Designers JAMESPLUMB, aka James Russell and Hannah Plumb , who studied at The Wimbledon School of Art, focused their design for HOSTEM on the preservation of a sense of history and belonging. The intelligent design is subtle yet at the same time captivating because of the attention to detail, materials and craftsmanship.
They've have assembled a range of antique and found objects as displays as well as decorative items thereby making the space feel more like a gallery than a shop - exhibiting a lifestyle, a history and a range of menswear from some of the world's most exciting menswear designers.
Exclusive Japanese labels alongside avant-garde names like Haider Ackerman, Ann Demeulemeester, Damir Doma and Rick Owens are on offer in this gem of a store. Vintage US Trouble Lighting hangs at varying levels casting subtle light on the exciting stock that consist of a range of menswear that's been as carefully considered as the design in which it's presented.
Fashion is where it all started, stocking brands exclusive to Hostem such as Alice Waese, Atelier Baba and Nicholas Daley. All garments need to satisfy the Hostem standard of the ability to tell a story of craftsmanship through artisanal details that often get discarded in mass-produced fashion. It is a brave challenge Hostem puts to its visitors, to be more perceptive to conservative luxury.