Moment / 12 Nov 2019

Travel | Destinations for Christmas Adventure

Break boundaries to reveal new opportunities and unlock the most breathtaking, elegant and exciting travel experiences. It's time to start planing a heart-stirring journey for your coming Christmas holiday.

From tropical beaches to snowy wildness or even the end of the world, here are our four FINE PICK unique destinations.

Underwater Adventure in French Polynesia

Scattered for thousands of miles across the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia has much to offer an adventurous soul. From Tahiti to the Society Islands-and with leading adventurers at your side-you can explore this idyllic archipelago further than most people have on the planet.

Dive in a submersible large enough for the whole family and search for historic wrecks or schools of sailfish, mahi mahi and barracuda in its deep blue waters. A marine biologist will join you to bring all of your encounters to life, while dinner is prepared by a chef on board a private yacht, anchored at an island of your choosing.

1. Underwater exploration

Very few people in this world have explored in a submersible, which means the opportunity of seeing something no human ever has is very real. Including a submersible in your itinerary adds a very special element to any adventure. Spot the rarest of marine life in its natural habitat and experience a visual feast usually only afforded to the world's leading naturalists and filmmakers.

2. Sail to an island of your choosing

Sail to an island of your choosing in French Polynesia. Your footprints could be the first on pristine sandy banks and the last before sunset. We will organise picnics and sundowners wherever your adventure takes you for the day

3. Share a day with remote villagers living on the atolls

Together you can fish, weave coconut leaves into hats and prepare local delicacies (such a raw marinated fish) for a Polynesian-style barbecue

4. Snorkel and learn to dive in a UNESCO biosphere

Your vessel will be a fully certified dive centre with instructors onboard ready to take you on discovery dives in some of the region's most lively reefs. Spot grey reef sharks, bottlenose dolphins (that approach divers to be stroked), plus green and hawksbill turtles.

An Epic Alsakan Flying Safari

For nature lovers, there are few places on the planet quite as exhilarating as Alaska. Why not arranging an action-filled and truly wild weekend immersion in the least accessible corners of Katmai National Park?

Dwarfed by the Alaska Peninsula's mountains and glaciers, the specially modified Piper Cub aircraft let us land on remote beaches and riverine valley floors - places where few people have ever set foot before. With camp set up by the Pacific Ocean, you can explore estuaries by canoe, searching for the extraordinary Alaskan brown bear.

1. Air to air adventure

Specially adapted aircraft and seriously talented pilots meant landing almost anywhere, letting the group reach otherwise inaccessible beaches and explore the interior.

2. Luxury wilderness camping

No Alaskan adventure would be complete without wild camping, with the added Cookson comforts of a chef and bespoke luxury tents.

3. Forging new trails

With the freedom to explore untamed wilderness, our group could hike up remote glaciers and climb peaks that very few people have ever seen, let alone scaled.

4. Taking to the water

The Alaska Peninsula's Pacific coastline, meltwater rivers and glacial lakes were the perfect locales to discovered by canoe and stand up paddleboard.

Exploring South Africa’s Great Karoo

In the untamed heartland of South Africa's Great Karoo, you will be offered an once in a lifetime chance to help relocate, name and release a white rhino into a protected 70,000-acre wilderness reserve. Join local rangers to safeguard this vulnerable species against poachers and play a vital role in seeing that these majestic animals will continue to roam free

What were once overworked livestock ranches have been transformed back into a thriving wilderness. Animals that were shot by poachers and farmers long ago have been successfully reintroduced, including cheetahs, lions and elephants. Now, in an amphitheatre of soaring mountains, this landscape is once again host to the Big Five, with leopards, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo also stalking the plains.

1. Wildlife study

With your family part of this next, pivotal phase, we will design elements specifically for children of all ages around the big release, including anti-poaching patrols, wildlife monitoring, tracker training experience, and meeting the local community who are supported by the reserve's work.

2. Leopard tracking

Contribute to leopard research in the region and you may have the opportunity to help collar one of these ever-elusive big cats with a GPS tracker. Discovering their population number and monitoring their movements will be rewarded as you can keep up to date with the Karoo's residents from back home.

3. Fly in a helicopter over savannahs

At dawn and dusk head out with expert rangers in search of paw prints in the soil, fly in a helicopter over savannahs where lions roam and spend a night in a specially erected camp after another rewarding day.

4. White rhino release

This is safari experience unlike any other, one where being immersed in the wild will leave both indelible memories and the knowledge that you have played an important role in protecting some of Africa's most iconic creatures.

Sailing the Antarctic Peninsula

The summer months bring algae blooms, krill-rich waters and mammals that travel long distances to feed on them. Orcas arrive to patrol the coastline for unsuspecting seals and humpbacks to slam their tail flukes against the water. Voyaging south, experts can show you to islands where penguins take reign. Here, colonies of chinstraps, gentoos and Adélies number in their hundreds and thousands.

Take to the skies in a helicopter to search for penguin colonies numbering in the thousands or delve into the icy water in a submersible to explore a playground for humpback whales.

1. Helicopter sightseeing

Feel dwarfed in comparison to Antarctica's cathedral-like glaciers as you take to the skies in a helicopter from your expedition yacht. Pass over Deception Island, the home of an extinct caldera, or Paradise Bay, where floating icebergs are a playground for pods of whales, perhaps seeing remote colonies of penguins from above.

2. Submersible dives

Plunge a submersible into waters that initially seem inhospitable to find a surprising amount of wildlife thriving in its icy depths, from otherworldly jellyfish and rarely seen invertebrates to penguins and seals in their element. Including a submersible in your expedition will add a very special element to any adventure and a chance to experience a visual feast usually only afforded to the world's leading naturalists and filmmakers.

3. Collaborate with scientists

Join leading scientists in climate and wildlife research and learn more about a continent that has changed the way we view our evolving world. Gather data on orcas and other rarely seen species or visit Vernadsky Research Station where scientists study long-term climate trends.

4. Ski the seventh continent

Skiing in the Antarctic is not just about the spectacular scenery and the unique lines. It's the chance to really engage and explore what is one of the Earth's last frontiers. Enjoying slopes only accessed via skinning before returning to the plush environs of your expedition yacht.