Moment / 03 Apr 2020

Travel | Blakes Hotel London

Located in the neighbourhood of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, Blakes London is renowned as the world's first boutique hotel.

Step through the doors of Blakes London, and discover a sensual place of unconventional luxury.

Blakes is a world within a hotel: it exudes fine living with a sense of drama. A preciously guarded address in the world of fashion, film, music and art, adored by those who desire unapologetic beauty.

Formed around inspirational design, sophisticated allure and impeccable service, Blakes redefined how a hotel looks and behaves.

Pertaining to the artful and unconventional, delightfully oblivious to the mainstream, to say Blakes is unlike any other famous luxury hotel is overwhelmingly unmistakable.

Time spent in a great hotel is the making of precious, if occasionally hazy, lifetime memories.

There has always been a quiet and provocative intellect running through it. It is the combination of elements of what attracted a fascinating, creative and very glamorous tribe - this allure continues today where an international collective drawn from the worlds of film, music, art and fashion make themselves part of our very discrete residence.