Moment / 10 Apr 2020

Travel | 45 Park Lane

45 Park Lane is a vibrant beacon of contemporary culture in a luxury hotel. An invigorating blend of art and landmark architecture in the middle of classical London.

In 1965 the building became the famous London Playboy Club and at its peak it was the most successful casino in the world. Today, the roulette tables have long gone, replaced by our elegant LA-style cuisine scene.

The Penthouse Suite has breathtaking panoramic views and rooms covering the entire top floor of the hotel.

Art Deco in design, yet contemporary in attitude, these handsome rooms are polished with modern luxury. Clean lines and bold design give shape to buttery soft fabrics. Sensual curves reflect in glinting mirrored corners. These are rooms with a 1920s heart, dipped in ultimate comfort.

The bathroom of bathrooms, where Hyde Park is the beautiful backdrop to your ablutions. Prepare for a whole new level of luxury.

Positioned at the very heart of the hotel, CUT at 45 Park Lane is a lively delight. From here you can watch the endlessly fascinating buzz of the lobby or the exciting hum of London beyond the windows.

The only dilemma at CUT at 45 Park Lane is choosing your view. Will it be Damien Hirst's Diamond Dust Psalms series adorning the walls, or leafy Hyde Park beyond the windows?