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Brand | Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon was born in 1959 in Sfax, Tunisia. He is, a self-taught British designer and currently the Creative Director of the brand 'Tom Dixon' specialising in Lighting, furniture and accessories. Nowadays, his works have been acquired by museums across the globe, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Modern Art New York and Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.

Dixon grew up in west London and went to Holland Park School. A huge comprehensive, before six months at the Chelsea School of Art. Afterwards, he spent two years playing the bass guitar with Funkapolitan, an eight-piece pop-funk band that toured with The Clash and Simple Minds. He appeared on Top of the Pops at the same time as running club nights on the weekends. To fill the stage, Dixon started scavenging scrapyards, turning the junk into something somewhere between furniture and sculpture. One of his first chairs, made in 1983, was simply wire bent by hand. A friend who ran a car body repair shop in Clapham gave him a lesson in welding.

A newfound passion for welding allowed Tom to teach himself to make tough metal structures - his hobby rapidly expanded into a knack for making furniture from found objects. The welded salvage furniture quickly found a clientele and as a result, Dixon evolved seamlessly over the next few years from welder to craftsman to designer. In the '80s the studio expanded to 20 people specialising in metalwork and became a playground for a whole host of young upstarts from Thomas Heatherwick to Michael Young and Michael Anastassiades.

"I design for longevity, and I want something to be anti-fashion." -Tom Dixon

The interior design division is established as Design Research Studio to deliver high concept interiors, architectural design and large-scale installations under the creative direction of Tom Dixon.

Mirror Ball

One of the most identifiable Tom Dixon products, inspired by the famous space helmet, and by disco balls. Mirror Ball is lightweight yet robust and reflects its environment, projecting downward ambient light. Available in the original chrome finish or gold, with two different designs; pendant and tripod stand, this versatile collection offers a lamp for every function.

Sometimes your biggest failure could be your biggest success. The aim was to produce a completely spherical, highly mirrored object that would disappear into its surroundings. Instead, it does the opposite and is an ultra visible, highly reflective object that mirrors its environment.

Etch Web

A vast 60cm wide shade with an unusual open structure that is both lightweight and space-filling. Available in steel and brass.

Created for the launch of the Audi A8 in Miami 2009, Etch Web was designed to be voluminous, lightweight and transparent. The intricate metalwork creates a dense and decorative series of shadows on surrounding surfaces, reminiscent of natural light filtered through the leafy screen of a forest canopy.


Giving out a soft, ambient glow, Etch pendants can be hung individually over a dining table, for example, for a more dramatic effect hang them in multiples using our pendant system. Also available in the steel, copper and black, in 50cm size and as a set of tea light holders.

These geodesic pendants and tea light holders are formed of finely pierced flat metal sheets tabbed together like Victorian tin toys. Using digital acid etching methods, Etch is pattered for the effective filtering of light designed to cast an intricate set of shadows. The collection also features tea infusers.


Available as a medium or mini pendant Void is perfect to hang a dining table or in multiples using a Pendant System. The Void collection includes Stainless Steel and Copper and a Mini 15.5cm size.

Semi-precious metals pressed, spun and brazed into complex double‑walled shades, Void is the result of a challenge to create a luminous pendant that mysteriously conceals its light source.


Designed more architectural scale lighting for Beat, to complement Stout and Fat pendants. Beat Waist boasts a fresh silhouette and gives off greater light output. Perpetuating the skills of artisan craftsmen in Northern India, Beat's origin is a re-purposed water vessel; hand-raised, welded, beaten and skimmed into functional silhouettes for the refraction of golden light.

S Chair

Born in Tom's 80s London workshop, the S Chair is the prequel to its sibling still produced in Italy by legendary furniture company Cappellini.Re-engineered to take account of the latest developments in manufacturing technology, the original three-dimensional form is now moulded in an industrial hard/soft foam with a pure new wool cover; the instantly recognisable serpentine curves are now more comfortable and ergonomically active than ever. It now sits proudly on its steering-wheel inspired cast iron base.

Existing in a multitude of historic versions in the permanent collections of Museums from the MOMA New York to the V&A London the exciting adventures of 'S' look set to continue into the distant future.The S Chair is available in a wide range of colours, in fabric or leather.

Pylon Chair

Originally created on a self-propelled mission to design the world's lightest metal chair Pylon was originally made in small series in Dixon's metalwork shop in the early nineties. The last twenty years it has sat within the Cappellini collection and is now coming back - once again being made by the original skilled metalworker who was taught to weld by Tom.

The lattice work of 3mm diameter steel rod is triangulated for maximum strength - an exercise in pure unadorned structure. The original inspirations which ranged from early computer programming, electricity pylons and architectural models of bridges are clearly visible in this joyful exercise in self-taught structural engineering. Now powder coated in a bright royal blue the Pylon chair, whilst possibly not being the most comfortable chair in the world, is certainly one of the most recognisable and unique.

Fan Chair

Originally a dramatic and sculptural take on a British design classic, Fan is available as a high back chair, dining chair, stool and table. The stools and chairs have a black leather seat pad, while the chairs feature a curved back, offering support and comfort. The lounge chair is available in black or natural ash.

Fan is a modern take on the classical Windsor chair. A British archetype converted to a contemporary silhouette, creating an exclamation mark in the home with a semi-transparent structure that takes up minimal visual mass for a large and imposing chair.

Y Chair

The Y Chair is available in several iterations. The bases include a swivel version, available in black or aluminium, a Y-base available in natural or black oak or sled base in white or black. The chair is also available in a variety of upholstery options.

The Y-Table incorporates the same base as the Y-Chair and boasts a recognizable silhouette, an ergonomic shape and a modern attitude.

Wingback Chair

Wingback is a series of of British classics re-mastered. The collection includes a chair, a dining chair, sofas and an ottoman. All are available in a wide range of colours and Kvadrat fabrics with chair legs in solid natural or black oak and copper-plated steel.

Wingback was inspired by traditional 17th century Wingback and balloon-back archetypes and was developed for Shoreditch House Members Club. Its expressive sweeping curves allows designers to specify Wingback in the centre of spaces as a sculptural intervention rather than merely a piece of seating. The wings provide convenient acoustic protection for mobile phone use and a headrest for quick snoozes.


Characterised by a hand painted copper band, Tank takes its sculptural cue from the functional shapes and volumes of scientific glassware.

Minimal yet decorative for a multiplicity of purposes of drinking, pouring, storing and displaying food and drink, the range forms bold building blocks of table-top architecture.

Coffee Accessories

Brew recognises coffee making as a form of art and coffee drinking as one of our few remaining contemporary rituals.

Precision-engineered from stainless steel with a copper finish, Brew is hyper-reflective, functionally rigorous and designed to take pride of place on any kitchen counter, bar or occasional table.