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Brand | Seletti, A charming place that links design to pop art

From its very first year in 1964, Seletti in Cicognara, Mantova, has followed its principle of professionality service and constant research to strive for betterness innovation and originality. The company focuses on design projects and on creative characteristic Italian excellence.

The collections containing art blended with daily life icons, send a message of shape and function, conveying to its customers a vision for a unique, personal and fun lifestyle. Today Seletti aims at new productions, an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty.


Light for SELETTI is discovery, renewal, continuing research and experimentation, just like the human being. A group of product joined together with an insolitary common denominator - that is, a totally new way of thinking! Thus, animals, everyday objects and even food are turned into surprisingly shaped lampshades.

This is Furniture and decorations. Inspiration comes from pop imagery contemporary and modern art, from design and the natural world creating a collection adaptive to rendering a space very special.

In addition to the strong creative content, all products are manufactured according to the latest certified technologies in the LED industry and are suitable for inside and outside environments as well as hotels, stores and restaurants. With Seletti any room anywhere becomes immediately special… not only with lights.

Seletti Wears Toiletpaper

Exceptional collection of tableware and objects born out of the collaboration between Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari's magazine and the Italian design company Seletti. Black humor dipped in pastel colors.

Seletti Wears TOILETPAPER is an unusual and exceptional collection of plates, mugs, tablecloths, bowls, glasses, backing dishes, teapots, tea towels and objects like the soaps, tables, mirrors, cushions and the umbrellas.

A kitchen plunger, a rampant horse, the severed fingers (already on display on Manhattan's High Line billboard) and a pulp interpretation of the famous "I love you", a toad in a sandwich, the apple-shaped Yin & Yang symbol and the eye with the eyelash curler; a fish full of precious gems and a table set with "unexpected" guests are the images towering over the tablecloths.

Tin, oilcloth, melamine, porcelain and wood are the materials used in the collection, perfectly aligned with the pop spirit of the magazine: cheap and widespread, never sectional. The style of the collection, a sort of label given by the unique humor and unlimited desire to experiment。

It is successful because applicable to a wide range of products, sold around the world, from the MOMA museum in New York at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and at The Corner in London. The Seletti wears TOILETPAPER fever spreads, and it is only the beginning. Designers continually test different samples and they analyze the results, so that TOILETPAPER can become a style, and not just a photographic one.

BLOW by Job&Seletti

SELETTI together with the quirky duo, Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel create the craziest and most innovative brand collaboration with unconventional and irresistibly cheeky designs. Hot dogs, sensual lips, eggs and herbs contaminate the pushy styles of these hyper-realism Pop Artists.

BLOW is a new multi-faceted design brand, aimed at the concept of affordable design. This new family of objects in a "pop" spirit includes rugs, LED lamps, foldable chairs, a set of porcelain plates and mirrors. Its first capsule collection again highlights once more Seletti's passion for unconventional projects.

The whole concept of the BLOW collection is driven by the will to offer design aficionados dream-like objects created by the unmistakable fantasy of Studio Job, allowing them to furnish their homes with unique objects with an affordable touch.

The innovation and originality concepts are also the core of Studio Job in exploring the limitations between the design and art world. Studio Job and Seletti decided to create a new design project, wherein there is no room for limits of whatever nature.

The Hot Dog and the Hamburger - global icons of Pop food - are transformed into actual furniture and form the "Fast Food Furniture" collection: the open hot dog bun is the actual structure of the sofa and it hosts an upholstered sausage acting as a back cushion; likewise, the hamburger bun features a seat in the shape of a hamburger, a pickled cucumber as armrest and a slice of tomato as back cushion.

These flashy new pieces, clearly inspired by the pop-side of the American culture, are paired with two special projects, which are the symbol of how precious limited editions can become affordable.The famous Banana Lamp, The Tiffany Tree and The Cat Lamp, thanks to this new collaboration, are transformed into something equally precious in terms of design but at the same time affordable to many more users.

Art de la Table collection

The Seletti Art de la Table collection celebrates the joining of different cultures with colours, graphics, shapes and diverse materials under the same name of one big family. Collections able to unite imagery from the orient and western world that speak the same language and complement the same table.

Design products - refined and conceptual for an eclectic mix of inspiration and shape. Thus, Baroque shapes co-live with clean, minimalist lines - product characterised by a traditional spirit but sought after and naughty at the same time. A story of evolution and renewal for an unlimited series, always able to dress any table with any personality.

Seletti, a history of vision and evolution. Ever since it was established in 1964, the company has pursued its mission of making the most of professionalism, service and above all an endless product research, striving for improvement, innovation and originality.