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German design company Biegert & Funk has created a product that translates the idea of time in a way that's resonating with cultures across the world. It offers different designs, requiring one to read the time - literally.

The time is spelled out by text on the clock that is lit by an LED backlight. Reading the time takes a bit of thought, no difference from an exotic independent watch actually.

Various colours are offered and the clock is available in several, in addition to more than 20 languages versions.

Awards include Red Dot Product Design Award, iF Product Design Award, Good Design Product Award and so on.

The QLOCKTWO products are available as wall clocks (QLOCKTWO 180, Large & Classic), table clocks (QLOCKTWO Touch) and wristwatches (QLOCKTWO W).

Each QLOCKTWO becomes unique and thus the design object - for the home, office or your own wrist.

The deceptively simple clock face consists of a matrix of 110 letters arranged in a square. Behind these letters are 110 pure-white LEDs, which are illuminated to spell out the time, changing at five-minute intervals. Four dots of light in the corners of the clock face represent the minutes between each interval.

Touch Collection:

QLOCKTWO Touch is a precision table clock with an alarm function. Like her big sister QLOCKTWO Classic, it displays time in the middle of a matrix of letters, spelling out the time in words. A special screen process gives the letters, which are illuminated by brilliant LEDs, pin sharp definition. In a precise procedure the monolithic body is seamlessly milled from a single aluminium block. The ensemble represents a milestone in the aesthetics of table clocks.

Watch Collection:

Life is busy enough. QLOCKTWO W offers the decelerating way of displaying the time in words for your wrist. At first glance, all you can see is a matrix with a seemingly random arrangement of letters. Only at the soft touch of a button the time is displayed. The watch is available in different designs and more than 20 languages.

The 45 × 45 cm QLOCKTWO Classic is mounted on the wall like a picture, or it can be set up in freestanding position with the acrylic glass base. QLOCKTWO Classic is available in more than 20 languages.

QLOCKTWO Large features an impressive front cover in a 90 × 90 cm format and QLOCKTWO 180 in a 180 × 180 cm XL-format. A timeless, unmissable eye-catcher.

QLOCKTWO Touch is milled from a single aluminium block and has a very handy size with its dimensions of 13.5 × 13.5 cm.

The wristwatch QLOCKTWO W displays the time at the push of a button. Furthermore date and seconds are shown. Available in the sizes 35 × 35 mm and 39 × 39 mm.