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Brand | Mogg

Founded by architect Nicola Galbiati in 2012, MOGG is an Italian brand with a minimal yet unique style, which opens its doors at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The name Mogg is formed from two Italian words, MObili (furniture) & OGGetti (objects).

At MOGG, everything appears to be natural, while everything has been curated to the tiniest details. All its creations share an essential design while remaining original and out of common, juxtaposing graphic cuts and curved lines, warm and cold materials, giving life to a decisive combination of dynamism and versatility.

Their fantastically quirky collection includes mirrors, umbrella stands and wall hooks as well as sideboards, seating, bookcases, wall units and tables - all original designs from both new talent and established furniture designers. Mogg's use of warm, natural materials like wood, combined with strong graphic shapes make them unique.

MOGG has a soul, well-defined identity, fresh, curious who wants to surprise you and herself, looking for people that, with their visions (crazy and dreamers), with their enthusiasm, their work and their perceptions to love the new and modern concept of living.