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Brand | MINT

Mint is an interior design store established in 1998 by Lina Kanafai, it is renowned for its contemporary collections and creative merchandising, offering cutting edge design cleverly mixed with innovative one-off pieces. Mint offers exclusive works by internationally recognised designers as well as exhibiting new collections by established manufacturers. Mint complements the contemporary design with specially handcrafted ceramics, glassware and textiles.

Lina Kanafani is dedicated to showcasing the latest emerging talents and regularly commissioning artists and designers to create one-off and limited-edition pieces exclusively for mint.

Mint aims to promote a stylish, elegant yet comfortable mode of living through an inimitable and personal mix of interiors, Mint has developed as an established trendsetter by being one step ahead of most retailers through its distinctive interpretation of trends and its exceptional attention to detail and aesthetics.

The store presents design in the context of a living space using an eclectic mix of furniture and unique objects. Mint style continually evolves as new works are regularly introduced and integrated into the collection.

Mint feels like a DalĂ­ painting come to life, with its hand-picked and specially commissioned furniture, glassware, textiles and ceramics arranged like an avant-garde curiosity shop. Owner Lina Kanafani fills her two-level space with international designs, and form and colour play a large part in her selections. Much of Mint's stock could be considered as art with a capital 'a', a fact reflected in the prices.