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Brand | Lotusier

2017 saw the launch of a new brand in the global luxury marketplace that marked a significant development in the history of tea. Lotusier is offering the world's first Tea Humidor, exquisitely crafted and designed to elevate the preservation and presentation of tea.

Lotusier's Tea Humidor is made from the finest woods and materials, and draws on the highest European artisanal skills and traditions. Each of the more than 20 components has been carefully and lovingly perfected, over the course of nearly four years' research and development.

The Tea Humidor showcases the skills of numerous expert craftsmen, as displayed in the exquisite wood marquetry of its exterior, and the hand-crafted crystalware inside, made in Italy and France.

The Tea Humidor effectively protects tea from four of its five major enemies: humidity, light, air and odour. The fifth enemy is heat, which can easily be regulated by controlling the room temperature setting.

Humidity is the most potent and problematic of the 5 contaminants. Lotusier's Tea Humidor effectively facilitates the even distribution of the optimal relative humidity (RH) level through its innovative design. It also offers a two-way humidity control, whereby it can lower the RH if it is too high or raise the RH if it is too low.

Each Tea Humidor design is available in two optional configurations. The version with 4 crystal containers includes tea accessories, which comprise a strainer and tea scoop in stainless steel, as well as 4 chrome-capped glass sand timers for different durations, all housed in a purpose-made stainless steel upper tray. The alternative configuration with 6 crystal containers devotes all the available space to tea storage, maximizing the ability to store different tea types or quantities of tea, and therefore does not include accessories. Each crystal container is made of the finest hand-blown crystal and has a special polished stainless steel base, where the two-way humidification pack is stored. All fittings and hardware are made of polished stainless steel.

The Tea Humidor is available in 5 collections, each inspired by a specific tea drinking culture: China (Cha Jing Collection), Japan (Saicho Collection,) the Indian Subcontinent (Indus Collectiton), the Middle East(Andalus Collection), and the Euro-American Occident (Déco Collection). It opens to reveal innovatively designed hand-blown crystal containers that form the hub of an elegant humidification system, complete with bespoke German precision instruments for monitoring, as well as Swiss-made accessories and hardware.

“Tai Yang – Emerald”

Our "Tai Yang - Emerald" Tea Humidor from the Cha Jing Collection is made of emerald green figured sycamore wood with a sunbeam design effect.

Astaire “Day” and “Night”

The Déco Collection is inspired by the Arts Décoratifs movement (Art Déco) that flourished between 1910 and 1939. It remains wonderfully evocative of that era: swinging jazz bands, opulent ocean cruise liners, giddying skyscrapers, glamorous hotel interiors and the early days of air travel. Art Déco was a truly international and pioneering style.

Its dream was to bridge the divide between high art and the everyday world. And its style of architecture and design remains a highly visible presence in so many of the world's skylines (most famously in New York), underground stations (as in London) and public buildings (from Buenos Aires to Shanghai).


The Saicho Collection is dedicated to that most visionary of early Japanese travellers to China, the Buddhist monk Saicho. Returning from the Middle Kingdom in 805 AD, Saicho brought back not only a whole new school of Buddhism (Tendai) to Japan, but also an equally momentous cargo: the first arrival of tea in Japan.

This was not a coincidence - Saicho's twin gifts for Japan were intimately connected in his eyes. Tea had a wondrous power to awaken the mind and keep it clear and alert through long hours of temple activities and meditation. Thus began the long and cherished association of tea with Buddhism in Japan - tea's miraculous effects, imbibed in an instant, were an ambrosial foretaste of Enlightenment itself.

Tea soon became the centre of a ritual of its own - the world-famous Tea Ceremony. This intriguingly elaborate occasion remains to this day a social and secular celebration of the way in which tea can build so many bridges - between meditative calm and lively conversation, between dignified reverence and gracious hospitality. The leitmotifs of pronounced simplicity and understated refinement, using nuanced palettes against serene backdrops, are embodied in the Saicho Collection.

Jaipur “Dusk” and “Dawn”

Our "Jaipur - Dawn" Tea Humidor from the Indus Collection is made of grey sycamore wood with a silver colour metallic inlay marquetry design.

The creation of the Tea Humidor was born of a personal passion for tea and bears witness to a growing enjoyment of fine and rare teas around the world. Dedicated to cherishing and preserving the distinctive qualities and subtleties of tea, the Tea Humidor makes a timely and valuable contribution to this emerging trend.