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Brand | Gayle Warwick

Gayle Warwick established in 2000, with a love-worn hand embroidered tablecloth. Inspired by this craftsmanship - and the simple mantra that something made well should last - an eponymous linen collection was launched from Gayle's kitchen table in London. The range now encompasses much more than textiles for bedding and dining.

The kitchen table is back to being used for its original purpose, and the growing family business embraces a global mindset - tapping into an international network of artisans, and finding design inspiration in far-flung corners of the planet.

Yet the narrative keeps steering back to the minutiae. The brand continue to go about things a certain way - taking the time to do it right, to tread lightly, to be mindful of the past, present and future.

Crafted with care, linens become markers of your shared experiences: a conduit for intimate conversations over dinner; for pillow talk with the one you love; for bedtime stories with your children - and in good time, theirs. First goal is to make it beautiful, to nourish the eye; to give pleasure.

Their inspirations are varied: art, architecture, an English country garden and so on. The design process begins with a pencil drawing. It's a slow, low-tech approach, but this hands-on approach - and the unique finish it produces - is the key to everything they do.

The family business has grown to include a global network of artisans, including embroiderers in Vietnam, block printers in India, and weavers in Italy, Thailand and Belgium. Weaving products in percale and sateen to make products very crisp but also soft, with the palette, adding new shades each year.

It takes time to find the best weavers, but this effort makes all the difference. The brand also provides custom services and looking after your linen to offer best shopping experience for our customers.

Night Jasmine Napkin was inspired by the story of the night jasmine flower, shared by a friend in Jaipur - it's the tale of a princess who fell in love with the sun god. Despite her efforts to win his affection, the sun rejected her. So, she transformed herself into the fragrant night jasmine, whose flowers bloom in the darkness, only for the petals to fall like teardrops before sunrise. Artisans refer to hand-drawn sketches as they work on each unique piece, and their expert thread-blending gives the embroidery a painterly quality. The finishing touch is a hemstitch border that acts almost like a picture frame.

Les Jours is the perfect name for the classic hemstitch in French. This technique takes time, patience and skill to perfect - the threads are hand-drawn out of the warp and weft of the fabric, then wrapped with either a white or coloured thread.

Our children collection aims to take care the feeling of children by using linen that is 100% organic, ultra-soft and highly absorbent.