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Brand | Estudio Persona

Estudio Persona was created by Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young in 2014. Working as part of a deeply collaborative process, their unconventional designs are inspired by natural forms and follow sculptural lines; a distinctly neutral and minimal take on the monochromatic melancholy of their native Uruguay. Based out of their studio and showroom in Los Angeles, Estudio Persona works with natural materials in brilliantly contrasting ways. Together, the designers behind Estudio Persona embody a uniquely female and ever-evolving understated creativity.

The duo, therefore, chose a palette of muted colours, natural materials and matte finishes for the designs. These include the UNA set, in either all-black or maple. The chair's backrest flipped 90 degrees and upholstered in leather. It is propped up on a wooden dowel, forming a T above the horseshoe-shaped seat.

UNA Chair Collectino
PURU Side Table

Also among the designs is the NIDO chair, available in several colours. A curved leather-upholstered shell creates both seat and back, placed on a base made up of two timber panels intersected as a cross.

Their collaborative process and Uruguayan roots bring a refreshing juxtaposition to their furniture and object design. The colourful and vibrant Hispanic cliché is turned on its head in favour of brutalist design evoking stark natural forms and sculptural lines. The absence of colour - based on the melancholy of their native Uruguay - informs a distinctly neutral and minimal aesthetic language. Based out of their studio and showroom in Los Angeles, the two women work with natural materials in uniquely contrasting ways: leather meets bentwood forms, while steel and glass are manipulated to evoke softness. Estudio Persona is representative of a new, female, ever-evolving Hispanic minimalism, bringing enduring forms to life.