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In 1995, BUBEN & ZORWEG created by Harald Buben and Christian Zorweg. Inspiration means to push the boundaries of possibility. To go beyond boundaries. To enter unchartered waters. To be guided by a vision.

Fascination arises when something surprising is achieved in a world that believes it has already seen it all. We thrive on our passion for turning the unique into reality - for turning creations from the realm of dreams into the art of innovation and perfect craftsmanship.

A dedication to perfection accompanies us on every step of the journey, from the first vague idea to the enthralling end product. Luxury means not having to compromise.

Enterprises striving towards the unique are not satisfied with simply going with the times. They shape their time by making their own distinctive mark on it. Everything that belongs to time is fertile ground on which outstanding designers and passionately innovative developers cultivate unique objects.

Time is the interface between honourable tradition and the dynamic courage to create Utopia. Time holds its breath for a while in our masterpieces. Timelessness takes on a fascinating form. These precious moments of pausing in astonishment in the flow of time are what we at BUBEN&ZORWEG work for. Time in Motion.

Creators of inbuilt, multifunctional luxury safes, watch winders and clocks, BUBEN&ZORWEG specialise in serving the world's most discerning and demanding lovers of luxury, from royalty to captains of industry, heads of state and stars of sport and music.

BUBEN&ZORWEG Object of Time masterpieces are a range of multifunctional luxury safes incorporating BUBEN&ZORWEG clocks and tourbillon clocks, constructed to house collections of up to several hundred watches, while also serving as humidors, bars, weather stations and music systems.

BUBEN&ZORWEG Object of Time masterpieces enable their owners to savour and safeguard their most prized possessions, from gold bars to historic cameras, heirloom jewellery, Swiss watches, priceless manuscripts, rare guns and in one case a $50m antiquity.

The German Design Award 45-strong judging panel, comprising academics and global design industry CEOs noted: "The exclusive Galaxy safe provides striking proof that a safe can also be an impressive decorative furnishing. The exterior design of the safe is carried over to its interior through the use of superb materials."

The same can be said of all BUBEN&ZORWEG creations - each one masterfully designed to enable sybarites to savour and safeguard their most treasured possessions, while routinely incorporating high security technology originally designed for Swiss bank vaults.

A fascinating timepiece enclosed in a shimmering stainless steel bezel is a striking feature in the otherwise unadorned elegance of the impressive SOLITAIRE VISION. Its inner values are protected by bullet-proof spy glass that allows an insight as soon as the sophisticated LED lighting system is activated.

46 TIME MOVER ® modules hold exclusive automatic watches, some of them in the integrated BUBEN&ZORWEG SI-60 safe. And because spending time with special values is so enjoyable, a humidor, bar module and integrated Hi-Fi system all serve to enhance the enjoyment of refined treasures - be it alone or in pleasant company.

BUBEN&ZORWEG has more than 20 standalone and in-shop boutiques and is present in over 100 countries worldwide. Its most recently opened store is located in Shanghai.