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Brand | BoConcept

BoConcept has been designing, developing and producing furniture in Denmark since 1952. The company was founded by Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm. The then young cabinetmakers built their small workshop in the sleepy town of Herning. The first pieces of furniture to leave the factory were cabinets made of oak veneer with a mid-section of walnut. In 1954, the owners and the four employees moved into their new furniture factory 'Ærthøj-Jensen and Mølholm Møbelfabrik'. The functionalism sweeping through Danish design during the 50s played an important influence on the designs from Ærthøj-Jensen and Mølholm. As industrial pioneers of their time, the founders in 1962 opened a new 1300m2 factory in Herning where the company is still located.

In 1976, the company changed its name to Denka with a view to conquer the international markets. The collections were now also designed to suit the individual tastes of different markets, and the furniture were now what you can all 'customized to the market'. The customization of furniture to the individual customer is still an important part of the business model. BoConcept employs interior designers to help customers create their own individual furniture and interior solutions. BoConcept has grown into the world's most global furniture retailer, with stores in 65 countries spanning six continents.

BoConcept believes that its designs should never come at a cost to its customers' individuality or lifestyle. As such, approximately 80-90% of its designs (excl. accessories) can be adapted for either size, colour, material or components. This ethos is epitomised in the brand's unrivalled selection of over a hundred leather and fabric options.

BoConcept offers customized, coordinated and affordable design furniture and accessories, collaborating with a wide range of designers in creating the products. Interior design service is a big part of the BoConcept shopping experience, as customers can book a home visit and get advice on how to get the most out of their new interiors including 3D drawings and style tips.

To make home restyling easier, BoConcept offers customers its own comprehensive interior design service. All designers are In-house and working solely for BoConcept. Each designer delves into the customer's specific needs and lifestyle. The designer then takes measurements and develops detailed plans; either in-store or in the customer's home. "quality is more than aesthetics." BoConcept for craftsmanship, uncompromising attention to detail and exceptional materials.