Art / 03 Feb 2020

Story | Rebecca Hossack

'Boldness is sometimes rewarded…Rebecca Hossack is amongst the few galleries [from the late Eighties] which have not only survived but thrived, and they have done so because they do not depend on the ephemeral thrills of trendy art.' - The Economist

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the opening of the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. Over the course of three decades the gallery has built an international reputation for innovation, individuality, energy and excellence.

Rebecca Hossack

Rebecca Hossack has been a great champion of Non-Western artistic traditions. Hers was the first art gallery in Europe to exhibit Australian aboriginal painting, and it continues to promote such work through its regular Songlines seasons. Rebecca Hossack has also curated important exhibitions of work from the Bushmen of the Kalahari, from Papua New Guinea, and from tribal India. Much of this art would simply not have been seen in the UK but for the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.

Watarru Collaborative, Ilpili, 2015

The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery also exhibits across the broad spectrum of Western Contemporary Art, while determinedly moving against some of the dominant currents of the modern art scene. Through the work of painters, sculptors, ceramicists and printmakers from all over the world, the gallery celebrates and promotes inclusiveness, individuality, spirit, innovation, technical accomplishment and beauty.

Phil Shaw

Phil Shaw is an award-winning British artist, famous for his conceptually subversive and technically daring images of bookshelves.

Phil Shaw, The Truth in Black and White with Some Grey Areas 3, 2016

His distinctive 'bookshelf' prints interrogate the changing place of the printed word in a digital age, and the transfer of meaning through intertextuality. Depicting books arranged on shelves, their titles merge and melt, forming unexpected connections and new dynamics. These are images to explore and intrigue; they are clever, funny, unsettling, and beautiful.

Shaw, All That Glisters, Edition 75, 2017

Awarded his Doctorate in ink technology, Shaw uses a specialized eightcolour printing process on fine-grade Hahnemuhle paper. He was the former Professor of Printmaking at the University of Middlesex, where he taught from 1980.

Shaw's life-size hyper-realistic bookshelf prints, and as such have been widely acclaimed - and collected. They have been exhibited at both the Royal Academy London, and the Saatchi Gallery in London, and have been acquired by several important collections, including Paul Allen's Vulcan Foundation in Seattle.

Barbara Macfarlane

Macfarlane maps a wide variety of urban environments, capturing the essence - and the drama - of the living city. Her paintings are minimal statements of the places she wishes to record, condensed and immediate from initial sketches and never reworked. They draw upon hours of observation and reveal a closeness to the land.

Barbara Macfarlane, Central District Singapore, 2019

Her medium is pigment on paper. The works are as much about the balance of colour as the white spaces, and how the two interact. Working often on a large scale, she makes the texture of her hand-made rag-papers play a leading part in each image. Contrasted against the intensity of oil paint, these artfully deployed expanses of naked paper provide both a unity and luminosity to Macfarlane's work.

Barbara Macfarlane, Paris French Blue King's Blue, 2018

Macfarlane has exhibited in the Royal Academy in London and across the world, including sell-out exhibitions in London and New York.

Nikoleta Sekulovic

'Every single woman is different; the way my models pose reflects a part of who they are, expressing their personality. There is no pretence, no trying to act out, they are simply themselves, and that's great. The way a woman thinks she should look or tries to conform to an ideal of beauty should not hold her back from being who she is.' - Nikoleta Sekulovic

Nikoleta Sekulovic, Aesara of Lucania, 2019

Nikoleta Sekulovic is an artist and mother, presently living and creating in Madrid. Born in Rome to a German mother and a Serbian father, she has worked in London, Paris and New York, exhibiting across these cities.

Nikoleta Sekulovic, Odyssey, 2019

Sekulovic has established an international reputation with her restrained yet evocative paintings of unclothed women. She creates in the tradition of Odalisque portraiture and yet redefines her subject as both parent and muse. In a muted palette and void of props and distractions, the artist's intent is to highlight the female form stripped of external expectations and in a state of authenticity, as opposed to more traditional expressions of sexuality. The looser lines celebrate the imperfections and irregularities of the human body and recall Egon Schiele's Vienna and the minimalism of Gustav Klimt's studies. The images are at once modern and timeless.

As well as monthly exhibitions in London, New York and Miami, the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery exhibits at 28 international art fairs a year.