Art / 01 Oct 2018

What's Next | Hayward Gallery Exhibitions

Hayward Gallery is a world-renowned contemporary art gallery and a landmark of brutalist architecture.

The exhibition programme focuses on presenting a wide range of adventurous and influential artists from across the world, while its rich history includes exhibitions by modern pioneers such as Paul Klee, Lucio Fontana, Francis Bacon, Bridget Riley, and Anthony Caro.

Exhibition:“DRAG: Self-portraits and Body Politics”

Pricing: Free

Times: 22 Aug 2018 - 14 Oct 2018, 11am - 7pm everyday except Tuesdays when the gallery is closed;Thursdays: 11am - 7pm

Place: HENI Project Space, Hayward Gallery

PS: Some of the work in this exhibition includes nudity content

This free exhibition features the work of more than 30 artists who have used drag to explore or question identity, gender, class and politics, from the 1960s to the present day.

Alongside key figures such as Pierre Molinier, VALIE EXPORT, Robert Mapplethorpe and Cindy Sherman, the exhibition also includes self-portraits by a younger generation of contemporary artists who have recently embraced drag as an art form, including Adam Christensen and Victoria Sin.

Rather than offering a linear or chronological narrative, this exhibition aims to present a multitude of voices that explore cultural shifts of the past 50 years and touch on topics that include the 1980s AIDS crisis and post-colonial theory.

Focused on photography but spanning a variety of other media, DRAG is accompanied by a programme of tours led by drag performers.

Festival: “China Changing Festival”

Pricing: Free

Times: 4 Oct 2018 - 7 Oct 2018

The final edition of our three-year festival showcasing contemporary China, and its creative connection with the UK, through cutting-edge art and culture.

Immerse yourself in works by some of the most innovative artists practising in China today, as well as leading and emerging British-based Chinese and South East Asian artists, over a packed four-day programme including theatre, comedy, contemporary and classical music, fashion, talks and family events.

The festival culminates in Cloud Show, a spectacular experimental fashion show led by Academy Award-winning costume designer and art director Tim Yip (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).

Art: “Cloud Show”

Pricing: Free

Times: Sun 7 Oct 2018, 6:30pm, approximately 45 mins

Place: Royal Festival Hall, The Clore Ballroom, Level 2

Academy Award winning designer Tim Yip (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) presents 30 spectacular costumes inspired by global diversity.

Witness the reveal of designs that expand the possibilities of wearable art in this fashion show created by London's most experimental designers, in collaboration with young people.

The culmination of China Changing festival, the show explores themes of identity, migration and environment, from the point of view of London's young citizens.

This event is curated by Mei-Hui Liu, sustainable fashion designer and creative collaborator of Tim Yip. All events curated by Mei-Hui Liu have been inspired by Cloud, presented by Tim Yip Studios and Southbank Centre as part of China Changing Festival.

Exhibition: “I’m Still Here”

Pricing: Free

Times: 19 Sep 2018 - 4 Nov 2018, 10am - 11pm

Place: Exhibition Space, Level 1, Royal Festival Hall

The artworks in the 2018 Koestler Awards, created by offenders, secure patients and detainees, were selected by families supporting someone inside.

Our exhibition shares works that speak to these families and illustrate their experiences. It demonstrates the diverse range of art, writing and music created by prisoners, secure patients and detainees, as well as those on community sentences across the UK.

Exhibition:“Space Shifters”

Pricing: £16.50, Members go free

Times: 26 Sep 2018 - 6 Jan 2019, 11am - 7pm everyday except Tuesdays when the gallery is closed; Thursdays: 11am - 7pm

Place: HENI Project Space, Hayward Gallery

Space Shifters brings together artwork by over 20 international artists on the theme of space disruption and alteration. This major thematic exhibition features works that alter or disrupt our sense of space and reorient our understanding of our surroundings in ways that are by turns subtle and dramatic.

Often constructed from reflective or translucent materials, not least glass and resin, the artworks in Space Shifters elicit responses that are both physiological and psychological.

Featuring pioneering sculptures from the 1960s - often minimal in nature and concerned with light, volume and scale - this exhibition also includes large-scale installations, ambitious architectural interventions and a number of site-specific commissions that respond to the gallery's brutalist architecture and provide a dramatic and fitting conclusion to Hayward Gallery's 50th anniversary year.